Emily & Niko

Emily & Niko with Christian spotting.

Same site, same crew, same Vrbas, NEW summer! The fourth acroconvention in Bosnia and Herzegovina!

From 11-17th of August, Krupa on the Vrbas

This year with workshops by Julien Pierrot of La RuspaRocket, from Sonia Massou (ESAC), from Jim Klinkhamer (the Dutch Stichting Stapel), and from you?

The practical arrangements will be the same as last year (so also the same great cooks 😀 )

Sleeping is in tents. If you can’t bring a tent we can provide one for you, but let us know you need a place!
Eating is on the campsite, and convention-particpants give a hand with clearing the tables, etc.

We’ll be practising mostly outside, and in case of bad weather or a sudden serious desire for aerial acrobatics, in the village school (We do not have aerial equipment besides one tissue, so you should bring yours if you need!)

Middle of August it can be VERY HOT in Bosnia, so come prepared.

Participants from ex-Yu can pay the reduced fee of €90 if they need to, for other nationalities its €175 for Monday-Sunday.
The fee includes three vegetarian meals per day, the campsite and all-access to the Vrbas.

Theres 50 places for the convention. You can register here. Your registration is final after we receive your festival-fee.

Bérengère and Daniël are organising of the festival. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions, diets, desires, suggestions or complaints!

And you can see pictures from previous years at http://www.acrozoo.net/krupa/ (user: acrobat pass: krupa)

If you want to promote this convention in your circus school, go right ahead! The flyer is here: English / French