Getting to Krupa

Krupa na Vrbasu lies 25km south of Banja Luka, the capital of the region. Banja Luka has a train station where trains from Zagreb and from Sarajevo arrive both twice a day and both 5 hours.

The main bus station is served by numerous international bus lines (check also your local Eurolines branch).

There is a small airport a bit north of Banja Luka. Most people, however, fly on Zagreb or Belgrade airport. From there there are regular buses to Banja Luka. Other regional airports are: Sarajevo (5h by bus), Ljubljana (5h), Split, Zadar.

Since early 2013 there are direct flights (Wizzair) from Gothenburg and Malmö (Sweden),  Basel/Mulhouse (Switzerland/France) and Eindhoven (Netherlands) to Tuzla in Bosnia.

Contact us if you need specific information on travelling or if information in local language is confusing you.

Krupa na Vrbasu

Getting to Krupa na Vrbasu
By car:
You’ll probably come from north of Bosnia, probably from Croatia? Then follow the direction “Banja Luka” and then after Banja Luka follow the direction “Jajce” or “Mrkonjic Grad”, basically continuing South.
After 25 km; passing through the canyon, you’ll arrive in Krupa. You will recognize the town as there is a big sign “The Krupa falls” (in English!) at the beginning of town.
On the map on the right you can see where exactly is Krupa na Vrbasu.
By bus:
  • If you come from direction of Sarajevo, choose a bus coming through Travnik and Jajce. This bus will continue to  Krupa before arriving in Banjaluka. Do not take the bus which goes over Doboj, as it will not pass Krupa.
  • We don’t know if at the bus station of Sarajevo you can buy tickets for Krupa, so if not, get a ticket for Banja Luka instead. Remember to make sure the bus doesn’t goes over Doboj. Ask the driver to let you out in Krupa. Krupa comes 25 km after Jajce, the town with the big waterfall.
  • If you come from Zagreb, take the bus to Banja Luka.
  • When you arrive in Banja Luka, you change to the bus to Krupa. This bus is a local line and it is operated by BOČAC tours. Take either the bus to “3: Krupa n/V – BOČAC“,  “4: AGINO SELO” or “6: Krupa n/V – KRMINE“. This bus leaves from the departure place of the city buses, which is different then the intercity bus station where you will arrive from Zagreb or other foreign cities. It is at the left (North) of the train station (“Zeljeznicka Stanica”), which is 200 meters from where you arrive at the main bus station. It indicates Krupa on sign in the bus.
  • The BOČAC buses leaves from the trains tation at:
    Weekdays+Sat: 06:50h (bus 3), 10:00h (bus 4), 11:45h (4), 13.00h(6), 13:30h (3), 14.30h (6), 15:10h (4), 17:45h (4), 19:10 (4) & 22:05 (3)
    Sunday: 06:50h (3), 11:45h (4),  15:10h  (4), 19:10h (4)
    The ride costs 3,5 KM (Konvertibilni Maraka, ~€1,75) and takes about 40 minutes. You cannot pay with Euro’s!
    This bus goes straight through the center of Banja Luka, so there is also the possibility to catch it in the center; for example from the stara autobuska stanica (“old bus station”), behind the Museum of Contemporary Art, a few minutes after it leaves from the train station.
  • Taxis are relatively cheap, but 25 kilometers to Krupa might be a bit too much.
  • We encourage using the convention FB group to coordinate coming and leaving to Krupa.
In Krupa
In the middle of town, just after the school, the biggest building on the east of the road, there is a small road to the east (left, directly after the school when you come from Banja Luka) going by the new, concrete football stadium. At the end of that road, when you reach the river, you have reached Kamp Krupa on your right. There will be signs in  the center of Krupa.
There is possibility to park cars near the camp and the camp-site is accessible for campers.
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