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We organise the festival in partnership with Cirkorama and Acro Yoga Zagreb from Zagreb (Croatia), Cirkokrog from Ljubljana (Slovenia), Cirkusfera from Belgrade and Alternacija from Novi Sad (Serbia). The festival will be realised with the help of POP.

We are an informal acrobatics group which started to practise regularly in Banja Luka in the autumn of 2009. Right now there are about ten acrobats training several times in the week in Dom Omladine in Banja Luka. We have weekly trainings which are led by an experienced (>10 years) acrobat.

In 2010, 2011 and 2012 we organised acrobatic weekends in Banja Luka where acrobats from Zagreb, Sarajevo and Ljubljana met.

We are planning to start in the autumn of 2012 with classes of aerial acrobatics with an experienced EVS volunteer.

The acrobatics festival is a project of PIR Pozoriste in cooperation with POP (Partnerski Omladinski Pokret).

We maybe get financial support from the ministry of Toursim and economics of the Republika Srpska. Hvala 🙂

We receive support from Dom Omladine,

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