Workshops will be given by experienced trainers which we specially invite to teach at the convention. But we also invite festival participants to share their skills!. So *you* are invited to give a workshop, too! No matter which level, as there will be beginners as well as advanced acrobats. We’re happy with any workshop which is somehow related to acrobatics or circus.

The performance

During the week in Krupa we will prepare the performance for Friday evening in Banja Luka. The access to the performance will be for free, and it will take place Dom Omladine in the centre of Banja Luka.
Some participants of the festival already have an act they can show. We will also make scenes were the participants of the festival can join. This will be self organised by the festival participants.

Trapese, tissue, yoga, juggling…

The first acrobatics convention  was held in 2008 on Korčula in Croatia. Several groups in the region still practice circus skills, and acro yoga is gaining popularity. Quite some people work with fire, tissue, juggling and clowning, but there is only a few people who are advanced in hand-to-hand acrobatics (“akrobalans” in the local language).
We are fan of all circus disciplines. But first and foremost, this will be an acrobatics festival. As acrobatics is a specific discipline which often only flourishes after time and with guidance of more experienced acrobats, we plan this festival to be an exchange between acrobats. We are inviting some experienced trainers, and aim to facilitate their travel.
That being said, don’t hesitate to bring your roue cyr, your Chinese pole, your …


The food will be cooked near the camp by an experienced cook from Krupa. She will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner. The cook might needs one or two volunteers every day. There is fresh drinking water on the camp site, maybe tea and coffee. Other drinks you can buy yourself at the bar or in Krupa.
In principle the food will be vegetarian, but maybe there will be some non-vegetarian side dish.
Please let us know if you have special allergies and we will try to take them into account.


You want to join the festival but acrobatics isn’t really your thing? Then you can be a volunteer! For example by assisting the cook, drafting the daily schedule, preparing the performance, taking care of our sanitary facilities. Please contact us. We might be able to give you a discount depending on how much time you can volunteer and how many people register.


Children are welcome! We do expect parents to self organise to entertain their offspring in a crèche. Depending on age and available trainers we hope to have a children’ workshops (and performance?) as well. We also plan to make a workshop with the children of Krupa.

What to bring

  • A floating device. Be it a truck tyre, an inflatable mattress, a dinghy; anything to float down the Vrbas from the beginning of Krupa to the camp for if it will be too hot for anything else!

Check back later for a detailed list of items you should bring.


As the social-economic situation in Ex Yugoslavia is not the same as in Western Europe, and we would like to offer the opportunity to participants from regional countries to be able to participate as much in the festival as “Western” acrobats can, we offer a lower fee to participants from Ex Yugoslavia. We hope you understand.

  • Normal fee : EUR 200
  • Reduced fee for Ex yu participants : EUR 100
  • Children under 5: free; under 10: half price

After registration, you will receive a mail with payment information.
NOTICE: Please pay as soon as possible after you register. If you do not pay, we can’t secure your participation, even if you registered very early!

Registration are open until the 15th of may.
Last minute registration (if available) do not pay the late registration fee.

The low fee is just enough to pay for the very basic facilities of the festival (=food). The higher fee allows us to facilitate more, eg: transport to and from Banja Luka, facilities for the performance, a fee for the workshop leaders, rental of the gym in Krupa, mats, a guard at the camp site, help for the cook, etc.
If you are from the Balkans and you can afford to pay the full price, you are welcome 🙂

The festival has limited capacity (60 acrobats). Your registration is only final when we receive your payment. We can provide a French and Bosnian (RS) and (probably) a Croatian and a Slovenian bank account.

Even when not participating in the workshops we have to charge you the full amount. You are using the accommodation, eating the meals and hopefully enjoying the shows. We can not check who is joining the workshops and who isn’t. We hope for your understanding.

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