Acrobatics Festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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The festival finished yesterday and it is safe to say it was a big success in every aspect! We give one more major thank you, HVALA!, to everybody who helped to make it possible, we wish all the participants a good continuation of their summer and invite you to browse through the pictures of Christian, Niels and Niko.
Maybe see you next year! 🙂

You are invited to the 2011 Acrobatics festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina!

We invite you to come to the first ever acrobatics festival held in Bosnia! Between steep mountains and crystal blue rivers we are going to spend five days in the sun together doing acrobatics. In a set-up which you might know from Dutch and German acrobatics festivals, we’ll have acrobatics workshops on various levels, camp, swim, perform, play, go out…

Noël Spauwen will be one of our trainers

You might remember the First International Acrobatics Convention which was held in 2008 on Korčula in Croatia. Since then, more groups in the region have started to practice circus skills. However, most of these groups work mainly on aerial acrobatics and juggling. There is still a whole world to be discovered for acrobats in the Balkans.

We are still looking for people who can give workshops on any level. If you want to give more then a few workshops, please contact us. We aim to have mostly acrobatics, but we’re open to aerial, theatre, yoga, parcour, juggling, etc.

Your holidays in Bosnia?

We know that Bosnia is a bit off the main road, but actually, besides its recent turbulent history, it has a lot of splendid nature to offer. As you might be coming from far to Krupa na Vrbasu for “just” five days of acro, we invite you to consider to spend some more time in the country under professional guidance » Read more.

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