Bosnian partner-acro convention 2015

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DSC_0220Hi everybody, cao svima!

It looks like we will have the next acro conventionin in Krupa na Vrbasu, this summer from 10 till 16th of August!

Jos Derks, known as one of the bases from Stichting Stapel, will join the festival to teach.

Paul Griffioen, who already taught at Krupa in 2013, will teach at the festival again!

At a later stage we will announce which French acrobatics teacher will join the convention this year.

The arrangements will be the same as the last 4(!) years, so if you’re around the balkans at that time, we’re happy to have you again!

Update: Registration is finished! The Festival is currently booked. If you register, you will be put on the waiting list.



Bosnia and Herzegovina acrobatic convention – Report from Sonia

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Jim and SoniaWe were 3 teachers from 3 different countries, Julien Pierrot from Belgium, Jim Klinkhamer from Holland and me from France. We were giving 2 workshops a day, one in the morning from 9h30 to 12h00 and one from 18h00 to 20h00 in the evening. Inbetween was the lunch, a little siesta (because it was 40 degrees) and then some free floor training. We were having a meeting every day together with the other teachers to prepare and improve for the next day to make different themes of partner acrobatics: partner acrobatics in pairs and in a big group, banquine (in trio), learning some handstand balances. The workshops lasted from Monday to Sunday morning with a little presentation on Saturday night in a park of Banja Luka. The level from this convention was quite basic and so I felt that I had a lot of experience to teach them, and that was really nice. They were all really motivated to learn new things and always ready to try everything we proposed. More

4th Acrobats convention in Bosnia & Herzegovina


Emily & Niko

Emily & Niko with Christian spotting.

Same site, same crew, same Vrbas, NEW summer! The fourth acroconvention in Bosnia and Herzegovina!

From 11-17th of August, Krupa on the Vrbas

This year with workshops by Julien Pierrot of La RuspaRocket, from Sonia Massou (ESAC), from Jim Klinkhamer (the Dutch Stichting Stapel), and from you?

The practical arrangements will be the same as last year (so also the same great cooks 😀 )

Sleeping is in tents. If you can’t bring a tent we can provide one for you, but let us know you need a place!
Eating is on the campsite, and convention-particpants give a hand with clearing the tables, etc.

We’ll be practising mostly outside, and in case of bad weather or a sudden serious desire for aerial acrobatics, in the village school (We do not have aerial equipment besides one tissue, so you should bring yours if you need!)

Middle of August it can be VERY HOT in Bosnia, so come prepared.

Participants from ex-Yu can pay the reduced fee of €90 if they need to, for other nationalities its €175 for Monday-Sunday.
The fee includes three vegetarian meals per day, the campsite and all-access to the Vrbas.

Theres 50 places for the convention. You can register here. Your registration is final after we receive your festival-fee.

Bérengère and Daniël are organising of the festival. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions, diets, desires, suggestions or complaints!

And you can see pictures from previous years at (user: acrobat pass: krupa)

If you want to promote this convention in your circus school, go right ahead! The flyer is here: English / French

Next BiH Acro-convention in the summer of 2014!

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We’re happy to be able to tell you that we are in the process of preparing the 4th acrobatic convention, this summer, again in Krupa, in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We aim again for the second half of August, and more details will follow as soon as possible, here.

BHS: Sretno smo da kazemo da ce mo organizovati ponovi nase akrobacija konvencija u Krupi, u drugi dijo avgust 2014! Ce mo stati vise detailovi (i tekst sa manje greske 🙂 ) na ovaj stranica, uskoro!

Vidimo se!

Videos from Krupa

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Some of them more interesting, some a bit more “practise videos”, we don’t want to withhold these images from the fesitval!

Ah, that doesn’t seem to work, ah well, here’s the link youtube.

Cirkuska predstava u subotu 24.08.2013. ispred Doma omladine!

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Vise slike iz prosle godine ovde.

Velika cirkusna predstava, umjetnički performans

U subotu 24. augusta učesnici festivala održaće umjetnički performans za banjalučku publiku ispred Doma Omladine (Đure Daničića 1) sa početkom u 20:00.

Performans je besplatan i je namenjen djecu i odrasle.

Umjetnički direktor performansa je Emilien Médail, profesionalan akrobat francuske trupe “La Cie d’Eux“.

Tokom ove večeri Banjalučani će imati priliku da vide akrobate iz cijele Evrope, da pogledaju nevjerovatne performanse akrobata u vazduhu na svili i na trapezu, što je do sada neviđeno u našem gradu, a publiku će takođe zabavljati žongleri i drugi ulični zabavljači.

Pozvati vas prijatele na Fejsbuk!

Register for the 2013 festival!

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Registration for the third edition of our acrobatics festival is now open!

Go directly to the registration form here.

The festival will again take place in Krupa na Vrbasu, from 19th till 25th of August.

We decided the festivalfee will be the same as last years’, so €90 for festivalparticipants from ex-Yu and €175 for people from richer countries. Also this year we won’t be offering any prepared pre-festival tourism in Bosnia before or after the festival, but ofcourse were always happy to share our contacts.

Pictures from last years’ performance you can still see here.

Preparing the third convention…

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Jeeej! We have decided to also organise the third acrobatics convention in Krupa on the Vrbas in the summer of 2013! It will take place from Monday August 19 till August 25. Stay informed through our email-list.

Besides again inviting well known acrobatics trainer Niko Douwes, we also invite Paul Griffioen and Emilien Médail, a French circus artist as trainer for the convention this year.

France has a long standing circus-scene, where hand-2-hand acrobatics is practised on a high level. However, German-Dutch acrobats are not very connected with French acrobats. So for our third convention we hope to build even more bridges; not only again between acrobats from around the region of Bosnia and Herzegovina and those from the Netherlands and Germany, but also between acrobats from the North and the South Europe…

See you in Krupa this summer!

Coming to the acrobatics festival in BiH

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Here  you find some practical information about the upcoming festival in Bosnia.

Arriving to Krupa:
The festival lasts from Monday till Sunday. Berengere and me will come, like last year, to Krupa on Monday morning. However, the campsite is open, and you can stay at the camp already on Sunday night. There are shops and restaurants in Krupa so you won’t die just before the festival starts. Directions to the camp are on the website, or ask anyone “Kamp Krupa”. More

Pre-festival Contact Improvisation workshop

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Contact Improvisation (CI) is a dance technique in which points of physical contact provide the starting point for exploration through movement improvisation. Contact Improvisation is a form of dance improvisation and is one of the best-known and most characteristic forms of post-modern dance. More

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