DSC_0220Hi everybody, cao svima!

It looks like we will have the next acro conventionin in Krupa na Vrbasu, this summer from 10 till 16th of August!

Jos Derks, known as one of the bases from Stichting Stapel, will join the festival to teach.

Paul Griffioen, who already taught at Krupa in 2013, will teach at the festival again!

At a later stage we will announce which French acrobatics teacher will join the convention this year.

The arrangements will be the same as the last 4(!) years, so if you’re around the balkans at that time, we’re happy to have you again!

Update: Registration is finished! The Festival is currently booked. If you register, you will be put on the waiting list.


Everyday we have 4-6 workshops of 2/3 hours – a session in the morning, and one in the afternoon with a lunch break and time for swimming, rest and other skills practise

Workshops will have an organised warming up. Particpation is always at your own responsibility. If a workshop is clearly above your level, you should either tell the workshop leader, or stop participating.

Depending on the weather, the afternoon break will be longer or shorter: When its very warm we’ll start earlier, have a long ‘Spanish’ break, and train again in the late afternoon. If the temperature is more moderate we’ll start a little later in the morning, shorten the lunch break and have a longer break in the evening.

Depending on the weather and the wordkshops offered, the daily timetable can look like this:

  • 7H30 Yoga
  • 8H00 Breakfast
  • 9H00 Handstands
  • 10H00 Two workshops: One for beginners, one for intermediary-advanced
  • 12H00 free floor
  • 13h00 Lunch
  • 16h30 two workshops: One for beginners-intermediary and one for advanced
  • 18h00 Second workshops round/free floor
  • 20H00 Dinner

During the week there will be around 20 different workshops. We aim to have two parallel workshops so participants can choose which one they want to attend.

The level of the workshops will be adapted to the level of the participants. If there is a large variety in level (less /more eperienced), there will be workshops for different levels. Some workshops will be suitable for everyone.

You don’t need to bring a partner to the convention, but if you have one, take him or her along!

In the evening we offer some activities such as a night walk, a campfire, a movie screening in the open, etc.

The Bosnian Convention is a relatively small an intimate event and you are welcome to help shape it the way you like it to be! You are welcome to propose your own workshop/activity – Eg. if you juggle, practise tissue, slackline, yoga, or if anything else you’d like to share, go ahead!

Vidimo se!!