The festival is organised in a small town called Krupa na Vrbasu (Krupa on the Vrbas-river), 25 km south of Banja Luka in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We will stay in Kamp Krupa, a small camp site 500 meters from the town centre, where the Krupa river joins the Vrbas.

About Krupa

The canyon in January

Krupa lies in a valley in the Vrbas canyon. So whereas Krupa has a lot of sky, the road from and too the town take you through an impressive canyon. In 2009 the world championships of rafting were held in the canyon.

The town is famous for the Krupa falls, where the Krupa river tumbles into the valley, powering several traditional watermills (you can buy different blends of local ground flower). The watermills are directly above two trout-farms. So although the food in the camp will be vegetarian, at one point we will have to see what to do with all that trout….

A small hike from the camp you can climb up to the Greben Kulen (Greben towers), the medieval towers dominating the south side of the canyon.

A there is also a newly rebuild orthodox monastery located on a hill just above town.

There are numerous small shops, a bakery, two restaurants, a tank station and several cafes in Krupa.

Kamp Krupa

View over Krupa with the campsite on the foreground, left from the football field


The camp has basic facilities such as showers and toilets. We have asked a cook to provide vegetarian meals for us, and he will do this using traditional equipment (Ispod sače and Kotlić) on wood fire. For those who *need* meat, there are shops in town 🙂

The fee for the camp site is included in your fee for the festival.

For those who do not want to camp there is a possibility to rent rooms in Krupa. We have contact with people who are renting a house. See “foto-klik.com” (approx. € 10 a night, 10 beds). Contact us if you have difficulty reserving a room with them, or if they are fully booked.
Please note that you do not get a discount on the festival fee if you choose to spend the night elsewhere.

The camp site is directly on the Vrbas and Krupa river. The water is relatively quick, cold and clear. We still have to see how appropriate it is for swimming (depending on the water level and the temperature). We hope to be able to use both sides of the river, using a raft.

In case of rain we can use the gym of the nearby school (300m).

There are several relatively high trees around the area, which should provide us with enough shade, and offer possibility to attach aerial tissue/longe.


It is possible to connect to the Internet (wifi) in a café, 5 mnis walking frmo the festival website. Some Dutch (prepaid) mobile phones might not work on the local (Mtel) phone network, but you can call in any of the abundant post offices.

Krupa (Крупа на Врбасу) and Banja Luka (Бањалука) are located in the Republika Srpska, and a significant amount of road signs are written with the Cyrillic alphabet, sometimes together with Latinic. On the main road you will not have problems.


There is a small medical post in Krupa. Please identify yourself to us if you have any kind of medical degree.


Citizens from the EU and from the region of BiH do not need visa for Bosnia (except Albania). To enter the country, an identity card or passport valid for at least three more months suffices. If you think you do need a visa, and you need an invitation letter, please contact us.

In the war of the nineties there has not been fought around Krupa or Banja Luka, so the region is free of land mines (but remain alert).

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