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Before or after the festival: Hiking and climbing in the Sana springs area, accommodation and food 100% local

There are still quiet places where inhabitants warmly welcome you. Places where you just have to enjoy what nature provides…
Rediscover life in the countryside and foster a responsible behaviour in tourism.
This is why we propose you three nights in the hills and valleys, between Banja Luka and the Croatian coast. This could be a goal by itself, or just a step in a Balkan road trip.

Here is our program :

    Day 1 :

  • 9h00 : meeting in Banja Luka and departure to Ubovića Brdo, typical hills village at 2 hours from Banja Luka.
  • 11h00 : arrival and installation. You will be accommodated in a village house. Although food is planned in the offer, you can also cook for yourself if you desire.
  • 12h00 : lunch, based on local products (local cheese, vegetables and other meals). If you are vegetarian, just warn us so we can adapt the menu.
  • 14h00 : hiking to the Sana springs. Sana river comes from 3 separate springs, located in huge caves at the foot of the hills. We will have there the fresh air of the water and can hang around in the peaceful forest before coming back to the village.
  • 19h30 : diner, based on local products. Possibility to taste and buy rakija, the homemade (and delicious!) alcohul from plumbs … who knows when the night can end …
    Day 2 :

  • 7h00 – 9h30 : time for breakfast.
  • 10h00 : introduction to climbing gears, techniques and security. Initiation to climbing for beginners, free climbing for experienced climbers. The climbing place is only 10 minutes walking from the village.
  • 13h00 : lunch at the village.
  • 15h00 : climbing, with advice provided by the instructor.
  • 19h30 : diner
    Day 3 :

  • 7h00 – 9h30 : time for breakfast.
  • 10h00 : departure for Zelenkovac, eco-village at 45 minutes by car, on the way back to Banja Luka.
  • 11h00 : installation of personal belongings in the bedrooms in Zelenkovac. Free time for discovering the place and having the picnic of local meals provided by our hosts from Ubovića Brdo (once again, just ask if you prefer vegetarian food). Note that you can find additional drinks at the bar of the village.
  • 14h00 : possibility to go hiking in the surroundings with a guide (and why not find some mushrooms to cook later !), or stay in the surroundings of the village and practice acrobatics in the shade.
  • 19h30 : diner (possibly vegetarian) and night in Zelenkovac
      • Day 4 :

        • Free morning, departure for Banja Luka at 11h00, or before according to personal obligations (just warn us).
        Please notice that at any moment you can spend time with your hosts, why not to learn to prepare meals and other specialities.

Some more details:

Ubovića Brdo


The village is located on a hill, above cliffs, near the Sana springs. It is just next to the road between Banja Luka and the coast (Split). It is composed of 15 uld houses of rocks and wood, surrounded by gardens, fields and forest.
It’s now 6 months that we go there and spend some time with local people, between climbing sessions. They warmly welcomed us and this is why we would like now to enable responsible practices between them and visitors.
This is how we propose local accommodation, with food coming directly from the village. A perfect opportunity to experience simple life in the country, learn and share some good moments.

Sana springs


The river Sana is known for its pure (and culd !) water, coming out from the earth in three different caves. Come and discover those magic places, during a 3 hours walk through the hills and typical landscapes of rural Bosnia.



The rocks down the village are a good opportunity to practice climbing : beautiful rock, easy access with view on the valley, lots of possibilities from discovery to extreme climbing … everything to begin the activity in perfect conditions and complete security.



Initiated more than 20 years ago by Boro, Zelenkovac slowly grew and can now provide food and bedrooms. Artistic atmosphere (Boro is painter), wooden houses, terrace in the middle of the forest … a perfect place for a rest in the middle of summer. For more information, check their website at


The price includes, for one person, nights (3), food (3 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 3 diners), activities and transport – 75 € per person (3 to 5 participants)


More information : climbingbosnia @ gmail . com   ClimbingBosnia 

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