Here  you find some practical information about the upcoming festival in Bosnia.

Arriving to Krupa:
The festival lasts from Monday till Sunday. Berengere and me will come, like last year, to Krupa on Monday morning. However, the campsite is open, and you can stay at the camp already on Sunday night. There are shops and restaurants in Krupa so you won’t die just before the festival starts. Directions to the camp are on the website, or ask anyone “Kamp Krupa”.If you come by yourself, and you prefer to spend Sunday night in Banja Luka, you can also stay in a hostel or at our place. Just let us know if you plan that. We have a minivan for the festival and some people with cars will stay at our place. If we run out of transport, we will help you with the bus to take to Krupa.

On circus equipment:
Several people contacted us with questions to bring circus materials like tissue, trapeze, balancing cords, slack lines….
If you have easy transport (=a car) you are welcome to bring anything you can If you travel more lightly, and you are not sure if there will be what you need, but you doubt if you can bring everything your would like to use, you should coordinate with other people through the Facebook group or   the emaillist:
We will have one old tissue, two van-loads of judo mats, and one van-load of soft mats in Krupa. Wednesday morning we plan a children’s workshop with local kids so kids stuff is also welcome.
This year we have more participants than last year, so we are counting on using the gym of the school which seem to have good options to hang equipment.

On last minute registration:
We have some recent cancellation from participants, so there are still a few places for the festival. If you have friends who haven’t registered yet, and who you think should definitely come; they can still register through the website. We will not charge them the late registrations fee.

And some random points:

  • In Krupa there is no bankomat (ATM) so be sure that you already have some BAM, Bosnian Marks. Officially shops aren’t allowed to accept €s. If you only have Euro’s and you don’t already arrive on Sunday night, berengere might help you out with changing some.
  • There is electricity at the campsite and wifi-internet in the village at a Cafe Šamara.
  • Last year we had a lot of fun floating down the Vrbas on hot afternoons. If you have some inflatable toy/mattress, this would be a good occasion to bring it.
  • Do not forget you passport or ID card when travelling outside of the EU!!

Contacting us during or before the festival:

berengere: +387 65 41 8875
Daniel: +387 65 370 733