Stream at ZelenkovacSeveral people who registered for the acrobatics festival told us they were interested in making a little trip before or after the festival, in order to discover more of Bosnia then just Krupa na Vrbasu…

Last year we facilitated this as well. Julien, a friend of ours, took a group of acrobats for four days on a guided tour around Banja Luka. And after the festival he took a few acrobats climbing at the Stone Bridge, between Banja Luka and Krupa. You can still see some pictures on his blog here:

Julien moved back to France, but Dzenan and Igor, also friends of ours and members of climbing club Extreme, told us they would be happy to take ‘our’ acrobats for a similar trip this summer.
So we have put last years’ offer again on our website.

This offer is a suggestion of what is possible. If you are more interested in exploring culture, towns, ancient fortresses, they told us they can also take you there.

Another option, which is not mentioned on the page, is to go rafting on the Vrbas, or to go canonying in Cvrcka (berengere and me are going this weekend, as it is 35°C anyway… Igor and Dzenan have all the local contacts to arrange that with and for you.

If you are interested, just contact Dzenan ( He speaks besides local language good English and German. Together with you and the other interested acrobats he will come up with a definitive proposal.

If you have any questions, you can write to Dzenan, or if necessary, to us.

See you in August!!
PS. Festival preparations is going well!! 🙂